Our Programs
  • Nutrition

    You can't feed the mind if the body is low on fuel.

  • Recreation

    Growing bodies need fresh air and plenty of exercise.

  • Life Skills

    How can kids get up on time if they don't learn to set their own clock?

  • Family Support

    Sometimes the whole family can use a little support.

Passionately transforming the lives of 'at risk' youth


What We Do

The Joshua Group was founded in response to the growing need in our community for helping children and their families cope with their daily struggles. Our inspiration has come from seeing countless children falling through societal cracks. Our mission is to reach these “at risk” children in their formative years, in the hope that they may see and find a way to escape this downward spiral.

Drop In

Learn more about what we do. Get a guided tour of our facilities. Take a ride on our bus with the kids.


There’s lots of stuff to do. You’ll find something that you enjoy doing. Sign up HERE to volunteer.


Your money goes 100% to the support of our youth and their families. You can donate by going HERE.

We have recently purchased property on Peacock Lane off of Sandy Point Road in the North End of the city. You will find a map HERE to help you find us. Our new building is under construction. Find out more about our building project HERE.

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The walls are up. The roof is on. We’re working on the inside now that the weather is cold. It Will Soon Be Done and the kids ...