The Joshua Group has been a registered charity since 2008.
Our mission is to passionately transform the lives of “at risk” youth.

We help provide basic necessities, mentoring, and education to break the cycle of poverty and instill hope for a brighter future.

The Joshua Group consists of over 150 children ranging up 18 years old.

The vast majority of the children who attend the Joshua Group are from single parent families with troubled backgrounds ranging from child abuse, addiction, prostitution, low income and criminal activities in their neighborhoods. Without the proper support and the help of the Joshua Group, these children don’t have a chance for a better future.

The Joshua Group provides a safe place and a sense of community for at risk-youth. A place where they restore their childhood; learn leadership, life and social skills; gain support, encouragement and feel loved. We take children who believe their future is hopeless, improve their self-esteem and raise their expectations of what is possible in life. Our belief in these special children translates into belief in themselves. The Joshua Group has been successful in helping at-risk youth by transforming their mindset and moving them from a culture of failure to one of expectation and hope.

Please feel free to browse through our Scrap Book for pictures taken during Joshua Group activities. You’ll also find the latest Joshua Group news in our Blog.

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